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Paratha Rolls @ Hot n Spicy

Karachi Hot’n’Spicy, more popularly known as Hot’n’Spicy, started business in 2006. It is located in DHA Lahore’s H block, in a lane of similar restaurants and in the vicinity of a lot of them. The original chef of the restaurant started off in the restaurant next door which is named Karachi barbeque, after being offered a better deal, he opened Karachi Hot’n’Spicy in collaboration with an investor and then moved again for a share in his own restaurant which goes by the name Karachi Afghan Barbeque which also has his picture on the main board. Undoubtedly, Karachi Hot’n’Spicy has beaten all of his other restaurants (where he used to work) because of the taste and variety of food. Recently, under a new head chef, the restaurant has been constantly increasing prices but has maintained quality of food throughout, it also opened a new menu next door which is of steaks and pizza, two things the Pakistani people have grown to become very fond of.

Hot n Spicy Shop
The restaurant has two dining halls, one in the basement of the restaurant they own and one in the building next door, where the pizza and steak kitchen is. The latter is for family’s (which means any group with a girl) and the former is for males but a family can sit in either based on their preference. The former hall is just as bad as the latter, with bad air conditioning and extremely poor service. The waiters are rude, with or without tips and they don’t listen most of the time when you ask for things during your dine in, like if you want an extra coke or fork or napkin for example, you can keep screaming but the waiter will only listen if he wants to, other than this the restaurant has a big flat screen television which the waiters watch according to their own preferences, they basically don’t care what the customer wants to see or even needs for that matter and the order you place usually takes up to 20-25 minutes to get to you, which results in some items that you’ve ordered being hotter than others.
Karachi Roll Paratha
So while you are waiting for your food, the terrible service can make you want to get up and leave, but if you wait, the absolutely divine food will make you forget everything you have just been through. Both the restaurant and pizza and steak menu are absolutely delicious and mouth watering. So to all wanting to try this place out, I would recommend you take a car with a good air conditioner (for the summers and a heater for the winters) and your own crockery and silverware and have a dine in your car, the waiters out on the street are nicer and more attentive and alert and the time it takes for your order to get to you is also quicker.


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